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Even in the best designed and controlled kilns the operator is sometimes confronted with an emergency situation that calls for immediate and drastic actions. There is usually not enough time available to consult others as to the course of action. Quick and appropriate decisions are crucial and must be decisive for the prevention of possible major damage to the kiln equipment. In such an emergency, an operator must ignore kiln-stability maintenance and concentrate on getting full control over immediately dangerous condition.

Here at we have discussed some most common emergency conditions that can be encountered on a rotary kiln (though, are by no means complete) and how to tackle them with a reference to their -

  • Indicators
  • Possible effects and dangers
  • Recommended actions to take​
  • Possible preventative measures etc. 

15 Rotary Kiln Emergency Conditions

No kiln operator training can be considered complete unless the trainee has a full knowledge of what to do when such emergencies arise. Since most likely there is not enough time available to research the procedures or to ask others what to do, the operator's reaction must come naturally and spontaneously. Needless to mention, the most important requirement in such situations is that the operator maintains a cool composure.  

Following is a list of some most common emergency situations encountered on a rotary kiln: (Article continues after Ad)