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Rotary Kiln Problem: 

Burning Zone Dangerously Hot


  • Clinker balling  ("sausage") in rotary kiln burning zone.
  • Coating dripping off the kiln wall.
  • Sliding molten clinker bed in burning zone
  • Burning zone temperatures are too high
  • Cooler undergrate pressures too highYellow white burning zone

Possible Effects & Dangers

Suggested Actions to Take

  1. Reduce fuel rate to minimum until sausaging stops
  2. Increase kiln speed approximately 5-10 rph until sausage is broken
  3. Provide maximum possible air in cooler (without hood pressure going positive)
  4. Reduce primary air flow
  5. Then, as soon as the primary objective of breaking the agglomeration is accomplished - Reduce the kiln and I.D. speed and increase fuel rate to restore normal operating conditions.


Preventive Actions

  • If "sausaging" is frequent and the result of easy-burning mix, have laboratory evaluate possibility of providing a mix with less percent liquid content
  • Make more frequent, vigilant observation of kiln burning zone conditions
  • Evaluate rotary kiln flame position and shapes to determine if thinner, longer flame is feasible.  

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As promised earlier, here we will discuss another rotary kiln problem (emergency condition) from the 15 most common rotary kiln emergency conditions that can be encountered by a kiln operator and how to tackle this problem.  

Rotary Kiln Problem : Burning Zone Dangerously Hot