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Refractories are the fundamental pre-requisites for any high temperature operation. Whether metallurgical or non-metallurgical, a refractory lining is necessarily required for their containment and retention of heat etc. Monolithics (unshaped refractories) in steel ladles have many advantages since their seamless installations present less interface problems and are economically, environmentally as well as technologically viable.
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"The new development not only addresses the increasing demand for clean steel production in India but also fulfills our commitment to continued technological investment as our country ramps up its infrastructural growth," said Sameer Nagpal, group CEO of refractory business at Dalmia Bharat Group.
Dalmia Bharat Group is a leading player in India's core manufacturing sector since 1939. With a turnover of over 10,000 crore it enjoys a dominant position in Cement, Sugar, Refractories. A leader in specialty cements and the country's largest producer of slag cement, Dalmia Bharat is the world's greenest cement company. In generic sugar, the group caters to several marquee brands. Dalmia-OCL, the refractory manufacturing company of Dalmia Bharat Group is the India's second largest refractory company with a production capacity of 250,000 tonnes per annum (TPA).

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About Dalmia Seven
Dalmia Seven is a joint-venture between Dalmia Bharat Group of India and Seven Refractories of Europe announced and confirmed around November, 2017. Seven Refractories is a young Slovenian refractory manufacturer which unites innovative technology with multi-national experience across various refractory industries. Dalmia Seven blends Dalmia Bharat Refractory Business' deep local operational know-how with cutting edge technical expertise and unparalleled product range of Monolithics from Seven Refractories for large variety of applications including iron and steel, cement, aluminum, petrochemicals etc.

Dalmia Seven Plant Address
Plot No. 8 & 13, Phase-III Lamtara Industrial Area,Katni – 483501, India
Tel: +91 7622 266259, 266306
Dalmia Seven Corporate Office
Dalmia Seven Refractories Ltd. 4, Scindia House, Connaught Place New Delhi 110001, India
Mob: +91 11 23457100. e-Mail:

The new monolithic production line has high level of automation which enables precision dosing of several raw materials for efficient production of high-grade monolithic refractories, allows for faster production cycles with minimal human intervention. With a brand new German mixer, fully integrated IT process supervision, and a barcode system the line will represent one of the most advanced monolithic refractory production lines in the industry. Both final products and incoming raw materials will undergo 100% supervision in the plant’s own laboratory.
“In projecting this new facility we place special emphasis on the quality of our end products and the necessary flexibility to serve the market in an ideal way“, comments Girolamo Rossi, CEO of Dalmia Seven. 

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Dalmia Seven on Tuesday, 14th May’19 announced the launch of a new monolithics production line at its facility in Katni in Madhya Pradesh.
With an enhanced capacity of 45,000 MT per annum, the expansion will help meet the rising demand of high grade refractory products from steel and cement producers in India. The new production line is intended to meeting growing demand mainly from the cement, steel and iron industries.

Dalmia Seven launches advanced Monolithic Refractory Production Line in its Katni Plant


Dalmia Seven launches advanced Monolithic Refractory Production Line in its Katni Plant

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Dalmia Seven is a JV between the Dalmia Bharat Group of India and Seven Refractories of Slovenia.