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In order to maintain its leading position in cement industry and manufacturing capacity, Eagle Cement Corporation is aggressively investing through construction of a third production line in its Bulacan Cement Plant (“Line 3”), due to be completed in 2018 which will increase its cement manufacturing capacity by 2 million MT or about 50 Million bags per annum. This will enhance total cement production capacity to about 7.1 million MT or about 180 million bags per annum, enabling the Company to consolidate its position as one of the leaders in the cement industry.

Eagle Cement, leader of the Philippine cement industry expanding its Bulacan Production capacity, also constructs a new Cement Plant

It is also learnt that along with expansion of Bulacan Cement Plant, Eagle Cement is also looking to construct a new cement plant of 2MTPA cement production capacity in Cebu by the fourth quarter with a target to complete it by the first quarter of 2020. The Cebu plant will be financed through the funds raised from the ECC’s proposed initial public offering of 575 million common shares amounting to P9.20 billion.

(Source: Eagle Cement Corporation)


the fastest growing market share among all competitors in the cement industry as claimed by the company. At present Eagle Cement (ECC) has the largest integrated cement plant located in Barangay Akle, San Ildefonso, Bulacan (the “Bulacan Cement Plant”) with end-to-end production strategy which seamlessly integrates critical raw material sourcing with modern manufacturing technology resulting to one of the most efficient cement manufacturing operations in the country. ECC also maintains a cement grinding and packaging facility in Limay, Bataan which can process 12 million bags of cement per annum.

Currently, the 200-hectare Bulacan Cement Plant has two production lines with an annual combined cement manufacturing capacity of approximately 5.1 million MT or 130 million bags per annum. It is strategically located near demand-centric areas and in direct proximity to rich limestone and shale reserves covered by the exclusive mineral rights of the Company.  

Eagle Cement Plant, Bulacan

Eagle Cement Corporation (ECC) is a fully integrated Filipino-owned company engaged in cement manufacturing, marketing, sale and distribution under the brands Eagle Cement Advance, Eagle Cement Exceed Type 1P and Eagle Cement Strongcem.

The Company has the newest, state-of-the-art, and single largest cement manufacturing plant in the Philippines is also the 4th largest player in the Philippine cement industry based on sales volume, with