Techno-Commercial ​​​​​​​

Preventive Measures for Reoccurrence

  • Provide coal mill inlet with magnetic device to extract metal fragments from coal feeder belt
  • Keep paper, rags etc. out of coal storage pile
  • Do not feed coal mill with coal that has undergone spontaneous ignition woke in storage
  • Keep coal mill detramp chute clear
  • Provide coal mill system with automatic fire extinguishing devices
  • Do not operate coal mill above save temperature for any given type of coal

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How to solve rapid rise in coal-mill temperature during Cement Rotary Kiln operation

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In continuation of our article 15 most common cement rotary kiln emergency conditions here we will discuss another rotary kiln problem (emergency condition) - how to solve the problem due to sudden or rapid rise of temperature in coal mill (coal system). 

​Possible Effects and Dangers

  • May cause explosion in the kiln
  • May cause thermal damage to coal mill

Do not open any doors in the system that could provide oxygen for an explosion or even more serious fire. 

Cement Rotary Kiln Operation: How to solve rapid rise in coal-mill temperature

Suggested Actions

  • Inject inert gas (carbon dioxide) into coal mill inlet
  • Flood coal mill with kiln feed or excessive coal
  • Warn all personnel to stay clear of the system
  • Stop or reduce air flow to coal mill to minimum