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In its stride of expansion refractory solutions firm Calderys recently acquired yet another company N.G. Johnson Northern Ltd. that specialises in refractory designing, installation and engineering services.

N.G. Johnson Northern Ltd. based in Ellesmere Port (UK), with over 55 years of experience in all aspects of refractory installation, ranging from maintenance repairs to major turnkey projects employs a staff of over 50 with a wide range of experience in industries such as Incineration, Petrochem and Aluminium. Calderys aims to retain the brand of N.G. Johnson Northern Ltd. since the latter’s extensive experience in all aspects of refractory installation will reinforce Calderys’ engineering, design and supervision capabilities. It is perceived that together with Calderys’ world-class global solutions, this will be a winning combination, not only for UK market but for global clients also.

Calderys Refractory Solutions is a world leader in monolithic refractories delivering top refractory solutions manufactured in its 19 production facilities spanning across 17 countries has over 2500 employees and sales offices in more than 31 countries. Calderys Refractory Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Imerys SA and claims to have more than 100 years experience in the refractory business.


Refractory Industry News: Calderys acquires N.G. Johnson Northern of UK