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"RHI is the undisputed leader in the refractory systems market," stated Denis Arguin,  Orbite's Vice President Engineering & Operations. "Based on the breadth and depth of their experience and skill set, we are confident RHI is the right partner for us to help complete our refractory system, a key step towards completion of our plant", as he said.

​RHI Canada Inc. is a subsidiary of global refractory market leader RHI AG. RHI is a supplier of high-grade refractory products, systems and services, with roughly 8,000 employees, 33 production facilities and more than 70 sales offices, serving more than 10,000 customers from the steel, cement, nonferrous metals, glass, energy and chemical industries in nearly all countries of the world. RHI solutions are employed in a wide variety of plants for environmental and energy technologies, the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Orbite Aluminae Inc. a Canadian cleantech company last week announced that, it has appointed RHI Canada for the installation of the refractory system for the decomposer and calcination units at its upcoming high purity alumina (HPA) production facility in Cap-Chat, Quebec.

Orbite Aluminae has developed an innovative process capable to produce alumina and other high-value products, such as rare earth and rare metal oxides, to be available at a much lower price in the industry, and in a sustainable fashion, using feed stocks that include aluminous clay, kaolin, nepheline, bauxite, red mud, fly ash as well as serpentine residues from chrysotile processing sites. 

Orbite is currently engaged in finalizing its first commercial high purity alumina (HPA) production plant in Cap-Chat, Quebec. According to Orbite Aluminae reports, the refractory installation will commence on March 30, 2015, and is expected to take approximately 8 weeks before completion. The Company anticipates commercial production to commence in the third quarter of 2015. Once finished, the plant will have a capacity to produce 3MT high purity alumina (HPA) per day. This will be a 28,000 square feet, $117 million facility. In addition to producing HPA, once converted to the Company’s chloride process, the facility will play a key role in the technical realization of the waste monetization and commodity minerals initiatives of Orbite Aluminae.

March 22, 2015

RHI Canada to install the Refractory System for Orbite Aluminae at Quebec