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Fosbel acquires Wahl Refractory Solutions | Refractory Industry News

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Fosbel has announced the acquisition of Wahl Refractory Solutions, LLC. Fosbel headquartered in the United States, has regional locations in Germany, Brazil, Japan, India and South Africa.

Wahl Refractory Solutions, Fremont, Ohio, will now conduct business under the name Wahl Refractory Solutions, a Fosbel Company.

Wahl Refractory has been a respected manufacturer and supplier to the steel, aluminium, cement, and thermo-processing industries since 1921. A recognized leader in technology for monolithic refractories and precast refractory shapes, Wahl Refractory Solutions manufactures and provides customized refractory solutions. As the innovator in the use of steel fibres in refractories, Wahl Refractory pioneered SIFCA® (Slurry Infiltrated Fibre Castable) and has been at the forefront in design, formulation, and manufacture solutions to customers’ toughest applications.

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Fosbel’s mission in providing industry specific services, engineered refractory solutions and advanced installation methods will continue with good service to its markets by leveraging its employees to implement these strategies. The integration of Fosbel and Wahl Refractory secures a future of continued growth through strengthened products and services to a broader customer base.

By making a commitment to ensure Wahl’s continuing business under the Fosbel umbrella, capital investments are being made at Wahl Refractory Solution’s manufacturing plant. Fosbel will utilize Wahl Refractory’s manufacturing and production capabilities that will result in shortened supply chains and increased inventory capacities. This will result in improved products and services for Wahl Refractory and Fosbel customers.

Fosbel has been mainly engaged in providing following industry services -

Steel and Coke Services which include: CBM-Complete Battery Maintenance, Ceramic Welding, Inspection Services, Nano Tech CW Material, Custom Design Solutions, Repair Solutions, Blast Furnace Stoves, COMIT® Condition Monitoring;

Glass Industry Services which include: CFM (Complete Furnace Maintenance), Ceramic Welding, Inspection Services, Hot & Cold Repairs, Furnace Life Asset Management & Evaluation etc.     

Both companies Fosbel and Wahl Refractory Solutions have been providing excellent customer service and new innovations to their respective markets by delivering consistent quality with repeatable performance.

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