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Glossary of Refractory Terms starting with alphabet A - Refractories Definitions


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The wearing of a surface by mechanical action between solids.   
Substances used for wearing or polishing.
In furnace construction, the structural member which withstands the thrust of an arch. In general an abutment consists of a brick skew-back and a steel supporting member.  
Acid refractories
Refractories containing a substantial amount of silica that may react with basic refractories, basic slags, or basic fluxes at high temperatures.
After-contraction / After-expansion
The percentage permanent construction or expansion, measured after cooling, that takes place when a refractory material is heated for a specified period and temperature. Also known, when measured linearly as the permanent linear change on reheating (PLC).  
A process in which the plasticity of a body is improved by allowing the moist body to lie for period, e.g. by storage in a heap or in a pit.
Air ramming
A method of forming refractory shapes, furnace hearths or other furnace parts by means of pneumatic hammers.
Air separation
A process for separation of particles into groups of a given size by means of a stream of air or gas (sedimentation and elutriation).
Air-setting refractory mortar
A refractory composition of finely ground containing chemical agents that ensure hardening at room temperature. These are marketed in either dry or wet condition, which however, may require tempering with water to attain the desired consistency and which is suitable for laying refractory brick and bonding them strongly upon drying and upon subsequent heating at furnace temperatures.      
Aluminium sesquioxide, Al2O3. (It occurs in several forms, the principal being gamma- alumina and alpha-alumina (or corundum). So called beta-alumina contains a small amount of alkali metal oxide.)
A metal or refractory device for holding a refractory lining in place. Also known as the refractory or metallic pieces fixed to the casing and designed to ensure the stability of refractory lining.
A natural alumino-silicate mineral with composition (AI2O3.SiO2). Usually contains around 60% alumina and transforms into mullite when fired.
Apparent Porosity
The ratio of the volume of the open pores to the bulk volume of the material, expressed as a percentage. 
Part of structure bridging a gap in a wall (e.g. a door arch) or spanning the space between two walls (e.g. a furnace roof).
Arch brick
A brick in which the two large faces are inclined toward each other in such a way that, with a certain number of these bricks, an arch can be constructed.   
The internal metal protection at the top of the stack.

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