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Essar Steel signs MOU with Harsco to become a Zero-Waste discharging company

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In its stride to become a ‘zero-waste’ discharging company Essar Steel, one of the leading steel makers among private sector steel making companies in India,  has signed an mou for 15 years worth ₹ 960 crore (about $ 160 million)  with Harsco India for recovering iron from slag generated in its furnaces.
"The Agreement is for a period of 15 years valued at $ 160 million over the duration of contract. As per agreement, Harsco will recover iron from slag which can then be reused in steel making," Essar Steel today said in a statement. Moreover, after the metal is recovered, the sized slag can be used as road fill, in road-laying, brick-making, cement mix in construction, among other usages.

Essar Steel generates around one million tonnes of slag annually, which it has been using for making various construction materials till now; but the decision to rope in Harsco India, a leading firm in slag processing and metal recovery, has been taken to eliminate wastage of iron content in the slag.
"This agreement is in line with the objective of Essar Steel to become a "zero-waste" steel making company. We remain committed to the cause of sustainable development," said Rajiv Bhatnagar, Director at the Hazira Facility of Essar Steel India.
Essar Steel with a capacity of 14 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) is a fully integrated company from mining to retail and has strong downstream capability with a global presence in several countries - India, Canada, USA and Indonesia.
On the hand Harsco, headquartered in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, is a diversified, worldwide company with more than 400 locations in 50 countries, are mainly serving to the industries fundamental to global economic progress and infrastructure development. 
 (Source: Business Line)  
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