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Refractory Industry: Magnezit expanding its production facilities at Liaoning Dalmond Refractories, China

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Magnezit Group Liaoning Dalmond Refractories

Magnezit Group has reported the commissioning of its second line for the production of unshaped refractories at Liaoning Dalmond Refractories, its Chinese production facility. 

With the new line, Liaoning Dalmond Refractories will become the biggest of Magnezit Group’s production sites in the country capable of manufacturing the whole range of unshaped refractories as well as oxide-carbon refractory bricks required in Steel and other Non-Ferrous metallurgical plants. 

The new production line occupies an area of more than 10 000 m2 and is intended for production of unshaped refractories for thermal vessels, including refractory masses and concrete products. The production capacity of the line amounts to 1500 MT of concrete products, 10 000 MT of refractory masses, 5000 pcs. of refractory bricks for purging units. The technical plan for the line was created by the Chinese Metallurgical Research Institute, Wuhan. The total investment into the project amounted to 16 million Yuan. 
Magnezit Group owns two production facilities in the People’s Republic of China – Wuxi Nanfang Dalmond Refractories and Liaoning Dalmond Refractories. In 2010 Magnezit Group brought production capacities of Liaoning Dalmond Refractories to the planned level of 100000 MTPA.
(Source: World Cement)