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Primus - A Special DR (Direct Reduction) Process for Treating Waste Oxides using a Multi-hearth Furnace (MHF)

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About the Primus
The Primus process was developed by Paul Wurth, uses a multi-hearth furnace (MHF). The furnace volume and the number of hearth in any unit are variable and can be adapted to the requirements of the material to be processed. Coal fines and iron oxide fines are charged into the top hearth of the multi-hearth furnace and as per the need coal can also be added in the lower hearths. The furnace is operated at temperatures up to 1100OC. The DRI (direct reduced iron) produced is discharged from the lowest hearth of the furnace at a temperature of 105-115OC.

Primus - Some Features of the Process
=> High quality DRI can be produced using ore fines and low cost pulverized coal as the single energy source.
=> No preparation of the raw materials is required, and metallization level exceeding 95% can be easily achieved.
=> In a stationary state, the Primus process does not require any additional energy supply; burners are only required to preheat the furnace. The high degree of post combustion, the counter-current flow of the off-gas and the relatively low process temperatures, make the Primus process energy-efficient.  
At first, in co-operation with Paul Arbed, Paul Wurth built a pilot plant designed for a throughput of ½ t/h in the steel works of Esch-Belval in Luxembourg. Several trial campaigns were carried out to melt the DRI produced on the basis of iron ore and EAF dust since September 2000. All the trials successfully demonstrated the feasibility of the process on a continuous basis which paved way for the successful implementation of the Primus process later in many other plants.    
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