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Tata Refractories Limited (TRL) achieves highest heats in Tata Steel LD-2 and in Steel Authority of India Limited's (SAIL) Bokaro SMS-1

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Tata Refractories Limited (TRL)
TRL has achieved the highest straight life of 99 heats in the LD-2 steel ladle of 160 MT capacity with Alumina Magnesia Carbon (AMC) bricks in the metal zone recently. It is reported that the erosion was quite uniform and the ladle was having potential to go up to 105 heats although, it was put down considering the risk factor associated to this.
In another instance, Tata Refractories Limited (TRL) achieved the highest life of 83 heats in SMS-1 ladle of SAIL’s (Steel Authority of India Ltd) Bokaro steel plant surpassing the previous best of 77 heats with its TATA FRT – 2 bricks. Following these achievements TRL congratulated Tata Steel LD-2 team and BSL Refractory and SMS-1 team of SAIL Bokaro for rendering all support.
Tata Refractories Limited (TRL) is the No. 1 refractory company in India with an annual production capacity of around 380000 MT. Its refractories works at Belpahar, Orissa is considered to be the largest among all single refractory producing units in the world. The company has a wide range of products having the ability to meet the refractories requirement for all type of industries.
Tata Refractories Limited (TRL) is the only Burnt Dolomite producing company in India and also happens to be the first refractories company to have Integrated Management System (IMS) certified encompassing ISO 9001 :2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.