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Tangshan Iron Steel signs agreement with Siemens VAI Metals

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The Tangshan Iron and Steel Company Ltd (also referred as Tanggang”), the flagship company of China’s largest steelmaker, Hebei Iron and Steel (HBIS) Group, the second largest producer of steel in the world, signed an agreement with the Austria based Siemens VAI Metals Technologies Co, on 5th March 2013, covering cooperation in technology and innovation.
The agreement calls for SiemensVAI Metals Technologies, a world leader in solutions, technology and services to the mining, iron and steel making sectors, to provide consulting services for Tangshan Iron and Steel to improve energy efficiency in its iron making. Siemens VAI is a part of the Industry Sector of global engineering major Siemens AG (Munich, Germany).
Yu Yong, Tangshan Iron and Steel's president, said that technology innovation and cooperation is inevitable for enterprises in iron and steel, especially in looking for new ways to deal with the intense competition these days. The cooperation here is expected to help Tangshan Iron and Steel develop internationally. It is Hebei’s first company to cooperate technologically with an advanced global enterprise.
Tanggang (Tangshan Iron and Steel Company Ltd) was established in 1943, the original place of the side-blown basic steel converter of China. Tanggang executed a “Three-Step” strategy of development to make a technical innovation on iron, steel and steel rolling, modified the old plants, combined the peripheral plants and quicken the strategy of development of Caofeidian in the “Ninth-Five years” and “Tenth-Five years”, becoming one of the Ten Million Tons Iron and Steel Group in 2005.
Tangshan Iron and Steel Company Ltd has an annual production capacity of around 15 million tons. The products cover four categories: plates, rods, lines and sections, with a total of more than 140 varieties and more than 400 kinds of specifications. The main products are hot-rolled sheet, cold rolled thin plate, galvanized sheet, color-coated sheet medium and thick plates, stainless steel plate, bar, wire rod, sections, all that have passed the EHS. In recent years Tangshan Iron and Steel has made environmental improvements in power consumption, water use and by-product recycling.