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Type of Monolithic Refractories - Monolithic Refractory Products

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What are Monolithic Refractories?

Monolithic refractories or Monolithics are those, which have no definite shape. In other words these are the refractories which can be moulded or can be given any shape as per requirement. Because of this reason, these products are also known as the ready-refractories and can be used as such on the site to repair or build a furnace. Monolithics consists of graded Refractory aggregates, Binders, Fillers & (/or) special Additives for modification of properties.

Type or Classification of Monolithics:

The classification and nomenclatures of monolithics have been done on the basis of more than a single criterion.

Based on Physical State

1. Powdered state - Castable, Mortar and Ramming Mass.
2. Mud state - Plastics.
3. Paste state - Coating Mass.

Based on Setting Method

1. Hydraulic setting - Castables.
2. Air setting - Mortars, Plastics.
3. Chemical setting - Plastics, Ramming Masses.
4. Ceramic (Heat) setting - Mortars, Plastics, Ramming Masses.

Based on Installation Method

1. Trawling and Pouring - Castable, Mortar.
2. Ramming - Ramming Mass.
3. Gunning - Gunning compound, Castable.
4. Vibrating - Castables.

The Terminologies of the different type of Monolithic Refractories will be discussed in another article: