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Andalusite - Mineralogy, Properties, Occurrences and Deposits along with a glimpse of Andalusite Industry and its Market

According to a rough estimate the andalusite market at present is around 400000 tonnes worldwide. The andalusite industry has good reasons to be optimistic since the emerging markets like China, India, Russia with heavy refractory consumption, that were using till recently bauxite-based refractories where andalusite-based refractories could work, have now started realise the advantage of andalusite-based refractories over the former. Full Article

Causes of Refractory Failures in a Cement Rotary Kiln and Remedial Measures for getting longer Refractory Life, Kiln Uptime

​Reasons for refractory failures in a cement rotary kiln, their remedial measures to get longer refractory lining life, kiln uptime and cement production . Full Article

​​Development of FINEX Process and Steel Plants with FINEX in Operation

​The FINEX is the latest addition and an optimized fine-ore smelting reduction (SR) process of iron making developed by POSCO that can be considered as an offshoot of COREX technology. Here is an article on how the FINEX process evolved from COREX technology, its gradual development, Steel plants with FINEX process in operation - both existing and upcoming FINEX Plants . READ

Steel Plants with COREX Process in Operation: A Quick Review

This article presents a quick review about some of the steel plants with COREX process in operation around the world especially, as how these COREX plants were started and subsequent developments and changes brought in those plants with their effects. READ ​

>> FLSmidth bags two large cement plant contracts worth more than 250 million Euros in Central America 

>>  India's JSW Steel inked a pact with Cevital to buy Aferpi, second largest steel plant of Italy 

>>  Steel in retail vindicates good yieldability   

>>  Indian steel giant SAIL okays JV with ArcelorMittal to build Rs 5000 crore new automotive steel plant in Telangana 

>>JSW Group acquires 49% shares in BRPL of Aryan Mining and Trading Corp Ltd 

JSW Group acquires 49 percent stake in Brahmani River Pellets Ltd owned by AMTC, a JV of British mineral trading company Stemcor and Calcutta based Saraf Group 

>> Stainless Steel production in India is set to cross 4 MT mark in 2018

Indian stainless steel production will reach the 3.6 MT (million tonne) mark at the end of 2017, industry body Indian Stainless Steel Development Association (ISSDA) has said. ..​ With this rising rate in demand and stainless steel production India is almost certain to cross 4 MT mark in 2018. 

​​​​Refractory Industry in India struggling to survive 

The refractory industry in India, reached a comfortable position after having achieved a growth of more than 25 per cent in exports just a few years ago is now struggling hard for survival. 

​​Can Indian Steel Sector sustain this uptrend ?

​Indian steel sector that was under stress due to poor demand from the end-users, seems to be finally picking up. According to the data released by JPC, a unit under the steel ministry, Indian steel industry posted a robust 11 per cent growth in production in 2016-17 at 101.2 MT. ​Indian crude steel production witnessed 4.6 per cent increase at 8.45 MT in July’17 as against 8.082 MT during same month a year ago. .​​

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Importance of Tundish Design and Flow Modifier Refractories in Steel Making

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​Use of Sillimanite as Raw Material in Refractories

​Sillimanite as a natural and untreated mineral is a very important refractory raw material for high alumina refractories which are extensively used in Iron and steel, Petrochemical, Electrical, Cement, Zinc and Glass industries. Sillimanite when heated above 1545­ degree Celsius converts to Mullite and the excess silica as glass, crystoballite or tridyamite. The formation of the glassy phase can be reduced by addition of .. Full Article

GRAVITEL Process for Electro Galvanizing : Technique, Control, Advantages and Applications

The GRAVITEL Process – an introduction, zinc coating or galvanizing, technique and process steps, electrolyte circulation system, process control and post treatment, key benefits of GRAVITEL process . .  Full Article

Sillimanite - Mineralogy and Occurrences in India

Mineralogy, types and properties of Indian sillimanite with their occurrences .Full Article  ​

Rotary Kiln emergency due to loss of Refractory Lining 

Possible effects and dangers in rotary kiln arising due to the loss of its refractory lining installation. Immediate steps  Full Article

Kyanite as a Refractory Raw Material

Applications and suitability of raw and calcined Kyanite as refractory raw materials  Full Article

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