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Calderys Japan acquires Japanese refractory producer Tokai Ceramics

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Calderys Refractory Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Imerys with more than 100 years experience in the refractory business and now a world leader in monolithic refractories delivering refractory solutions and products manufactured in its 18 production facilities spanning across 15 countries, is definitely enjoying an exciting time so far its growth and expansion are concerned in Asian refractory market.
In its effort of Asian expansion recently in July’13, Calderys Refractory Solutions signed a Joint Venture (JV) agreement with Indonesian refractory manufacturer PT Indoporlen [Read Article] and now acquired Japanese refractory producer Tokai Ceramics.

In Japan, where Calderys has had a sales office for more than 30 years, now after the acquisition of Japanese refractory producer Tokai Ceramics, Calderys Japan will start refractory production for the first time in that country. Tokai Ceramics was previously 100% owned by Covalent Materials, a leading Japanese ceramics group, and the company operates one production facility near Nagoya. This facility produces a complete range of monolithic refractories including castables, plastics, ramming mix and precasts (PCPF) [read articles: Types and Nomenclature of Monolithic refractories (I)  Types and Classification of Monolithic refractories (II)].
Tokai Ceramics also brings to Calderys Japan an existing customer base in Japanese Refractory market especially in the ferrous and aluminium foundry industries, as well as providing opportunities for expansion into the Electric Arc Furnace, Mini-mill and Reheating Furnace using industries.

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